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Crowley Awarded Fuel Distribution Contract for Arctic North Warning System

The U.S. Defense Logistics Agency-Energy (DLA-Energy) has awarded Crowley Solutions a five-year, $15 million contract for fuels transportation and distribution services for the Canada North Warning System locations supporting the nations’ joint security efforts.

Crowley provides fuel to the military and governments with transportation and delivery services in remote environments.
GNWT/Marine Transportation Services

Serving the Canadian arctic region, Crowley will provide ocean transportation of Aviation Turbine, Kerosene Type Jet A-1 w/FSII & CI to stations across the region, leveraging decades of experience in the Arctic. Services will include tanker transport and lighterage-to-barge deliveries at shore – including fuel over-the-shore services.

Crowley’s services will operate based on the company’s proven capabilities to transport and distribute fuel in austere and remote environments – often with minimum infrastructure — to ensure reliable energy supply chains for governments’ critical fuel needs.

Crowley will work in concert with the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) Marine Transportation Services Division to deliver fuels via barge in the region, as well as in collaboration with indigenous peoples there.  The joint operations will leverage economies of scale to provide efficiency and dependability for the governments and the fuel service locations in the North Warning System, serving 21 radar sites spanning the Arctic from Labrador to the Alaska border.

“We are honored the governments trust Crowley to provide the highest degree of operational excellence, asset capability and understanding of the Arctic and the North Warning System,” said Crowley’s Sean Thomas, vice president. “This service will provide reliability, value and high-quality fuel services that make the best use of assets by Crowley and the governments.”

“Our joint effort with Crowley will put to efficient use the Government of the Northwest Territories’ marine assets to ensure fuel reaches these critical defense stations for both nations within our Northwest region,” said John Vandenberg, assistant deputy minister, programs and services. “Our modernized tug-and-barge fleet will couple with Crowley’s tank vessels and other assets to meet and exceed the growing demands of the Western Canadian Arctic.”

The contract award extends Crowley’s long history supporting governments and military agencies in the Arctic. Crowley has provided logistics service and marine-based solutions to the U.S. government since 1958 when the company pioneered Arctic transportation through supply operations for the military’s Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line along coastal Alaska.