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Marine Terminals

Shore-based Logistics and Port Operations to Ensure Offshore Success

As a maritime and logistics powerhouse in the U.S, Caribbean and Central America, we know a thing or two about port operations. In fact, for decades, we’ve successfully owned and/or operated some of the most efficient deepwater marine terminals in the Americas along with the vessels that frequent them. We are directly transferring that knowledge to invest in, build, and operate highly utilized and automated terminal facilities in support of offshore wind O&M services.

Whether it’s new quayside or greenfield construction, upgrades and modifications to existing port infrastructure or ongoing general maintenance, our team utilizes our skillset to marshal the appropriate equipment, personnel/crew and materials from the supply chains, and deliver them to the right place in time for deployment.

Our commitment to Carry the World. Forward. is evident in everything we do, including investing in the development of strategically placed ports to act as shore-based logistics hubs for wind energy farms development and maintenance.

  • Terminal Operations Management System
  • Provide Business Development including subleasing and lease management
  • Provide Terminal Security Services
  • Provide Terminal Maintenance Services
  • Provide minimum ILA terminal labor to perform basic terminal tasks such as:
    • Linehandling
    • Terminal Maintenance
    • Light Equipment Operation
    • Gangway operations
    • Light cargo loading/unloading (container or smaller)
  • Additional Stevedoring
  • Temporary Buildings
  • Warehousing
  • Bunker
  • SPMT operations
  • Equipment Rental
  • Vessel Agency Services – Single Point of Contact for services
  • Pre-Assembly Labor
  • Heavy Lift Services
  • Crowley to offer other logistics services
  • Assist Tugs


We’ve completed the purchase of 42 acres in Salem, Massachusetts to develop and operate the state’s second major offshore wind port terminal. The terminal will be a logistics and operations center for turbine pre-assembly, transportation, staging activities and storage of assembly components.

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