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Offshore Energy Services and Project Management

Offshore Energy Services and Project Management

Crowley’s Been Offshore from the Beginning

Crowley has been a key player in the development of the offshore services industry for decades. Serving as a prime contractor or subcontractor we combine our expertise in engineering and marine operations with our fleet of premier offshore assets to develop and execute safe, reliable solutions for the world’s most challenging offshore projects.

offshore services right vessels

We Bring the Right Vessels …

Crowley has one of the largest U.S.-flag fleets of tugboats, barges and other specialized marine assets found anywhere. These Jones Act – compliant vessels range from high-endurance tugs with dynamic positioning capabilities to high-deck-strength heavy-lift deck barges up to 400 feet long by 130 feet wide.

And our heavy-lift foreign-flag deck barges are ideal for jobs around the world. If we don’t have the right assets in the right place at the right time, we leverage our network of contacts around the world to source the ideal vessel solution to meet your offshore services needs.

offshore services knowhow

… and Knowhow to Every Job  

Our engineers provide comprehensive solutions for vessel load and cargo fastening plans.

Utilizing 3D modeling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, they ensure the design and safety will exceed expectations while helping to limit project costs and risk of your offshore services project.

Vessel loading services include

  • Project Management
  • Barge Stow Plans
  • Mooring Plans
  • Barge Strength Studies
  • Local/Global Structural Analysis
  • Stability and Hydrostatics Analysis
  • Ballast Plans
  • Seafastening Design
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Load and Offload Calculations
  • 3D Load and Offload Renderings

Technical Expertise for Emerging Markets

When you are contemplating that new, challenging project, engage us at the beginning of its lifecycle to ensure its success.

Whether you are looking to make a complicated delivery over the shore on a remote beach, or beginning an energy exploration project requiring bulk or coastal transportation and heavy-duty tow-outs, or developing an offshore wind energy project, we’re always ready for what you want to accomplish.

What’s Your Challenge?

Our resume of performance over the past 129 years is extensive. No matter the project you are contemplating, it is very likely that we’ve done it safely and successfully before.

In those rare instances where we haven’t, we have a team of engineers, naval architects, towmasters, vessel crews, and project managers to develop a custom solution for you. If you need assistance with any of the following, let’s talk.

  • Topside Transportation
  • Offshore Drilling Platform Transportation
  • Offshore Installation or Decommissioning Support
  • Ship Tows
  • Emergency Response
  • Marine Salvage Support
  • Transportation and Logistics in Remote, Extreme Conditions Such as the Arctic, Russian Far East, and West Africa

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