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Crowley Careers

Elevate your career with us

Employees describe their collaboration all over the globe as impactful and authentic. We hire high performers and invest in growing and learning together while rewarding performance.

Our culture has thrived for over 130 years on innovative ideas coming to life, where we challenge you to be the best you can be. We live our core values and promote the diversity and expertise of our employees as a strength in support of each other. The results are superior solutions and services for our customers.

If you’re interested in maritime careers that are challenging, energizing and rewarding, we hope you will consider joining our team as we continue to provide exemplary and innovative services worldwide.

The Top Reasons to Consider Maritime Jobs

If you haven’t found a job that suits you or you’re looking for new career opportunities, life at sea may be the perfect fit. At Crowley, we are a leader in the world’s shipping industry, and our employees are a part of maintaining a successful global supply chain. Without mariners, our world would grind to a halt. Our people move the products that keep businesses thriving, communities successful and people comfortable.

CHANGEMAKERS: Women in STEM Inspire Inclusivity and Innovation

Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) make a noticeable impact at Crowley through their talent, skill and leadership in our various services. They help enhance operations, build and maintain our fleets, and ensure smooth supply chains that serve our customers and communities.