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Advanced Energy

Reliable, resilient, energy solutions to advance decarbonization and sustainability goals

Over the next 30 years the world as we know it will change when it comes to how and where we get our energy. We will see entire industries change the way they procure and consume power.

At Crowley, we are focused on delivering advanced energy solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs and continuously flex as those needs evolve. Our goal is to help bring this ever-changing transition of the energy landscape towards diversification and deployment of sustainable, economical, and dependable energy solutions.

Our commitment to Carry the World Forward is evident in everything we do, including developing solutions for customers’ changing energy needs. Our experts have developed an ever-expanding portfolio of end-to-end solutions consisting of development and maintenance of alternative energy solutions throughout the lifecycle. We understand the growing demand for not only greener options, but also reliable, resilient options.

Our team is well versed in current and upcoming regulatory requirements and can bridge the gap between new energy sources through to solutions maturity.

  • Supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and renewable options hydrogen, ammonia, methanol, and other renewable biofuels
  • Onsite storage tanks and regasification/vaporizer system for continuous, dependable operation
  • Transportation via ISO containers using truck, rail, and container ships
  • Marine bunkering and bulk vessel transportation
  • Captured Carbon transportation
  • Port electrification utilizing microgrids, charging stations, and battery technologies
  • Industrial and small utility power solutions with microgrid, combined heat and power (CHP), fuel cells, etc
  • Operations and maintenance support
  • Pre-FEED/FEED studies
  • Hazard analysis
  • Project management and commissioning support
  • Energy consulting
    • Supply chain optimization and visibility
    • ESG monitoring
    • Smart energy demand response for balancing power with supply
    • Operations and maintenance monitoring services

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