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Microgrids and power integration solutions for reliable, efficient, clean, resilient energy

Our microgrid solutions create customer value on both sides of the meter while integrating with other grids where practical for total system optimization. We act as an integrator for microgrid applications by unifying regulatory, equipment, supply, construction, operations, and maintenance into a single, off grid solution for customers.

  • Feasibility studies and front-end engineering design (FEED)
  • Engineering, procurement, and construction (ECP)
  • Complete program management and Owners Engineer
  • Renewable energy solutions for solar systems, battery storage systems, hydrogen, wind and more
  • LNG distribution (intermodal, bulk) and storage
  • LNG U.S. vessel bunkering
  • LNG distribution and bunkering in new markets
  • Energy as a Service (EaaS)
  • Power Purchase Agreements

Crowley-integrated microgrids help customers control their own power costs and emissions while simultaneously mitigating short- and long-term power loss resulting from volatile electric utility provisions, weather patterns and other challenges.

  • Clean burning power solutions to provide better efficiency and reduced emissions.
  • Renewable energy solutions including solar systems, battery storage systems, hydrogen, wind and more.
  • Microgrids control to manage the energy – it serves as the main supply point for the customer.
  • The end user, as a customer, benefits from safe, reliable, and resilient power supplies in the event of weather or other impacts to the traditional power supply.

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