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Pioneering Success in Renewable Fuel Transportation

We are taking our pioneering success in small-scale distribution of natural gas and expanding it to include transportation solutions for renewable fuels (Hydrogen, Ammonia, Methanol, and Biofuels) and carbon. We have supplied small-scale LNG for more than 10 years to a multitude of companies, such as bottlers, distilleries, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment manufacturers and large housing projects.

Our microgrid solutions create customer value on both sides of the meter while integrating with other grids where practical for total system optimization. We act as an integrator for microgrid applications by unifying regulatory, equipment, supply, construction, operations, and maintenance into a single, off grid solution for customers. Crowley-integrated microgrids help customers control their own power costs and emissions while simultaneously mitigating short- and long-term power loss resulting from volatile electric utility provisions, weather patterns and other challenges.

For more information about Crowley’s microgrid solutions:

Crowley offers a wide range of Natural Gas solutions, including:

  • Ability to create a virtual LNG or CNG pipeline that connects the optimal supply source to a customer’s needs.
  • A patented, small-scale shell and tube heat exchanger system that uses water to vaporize the LNG while also cooling the water to offset chillers and other needs – leveraging LNG’s “free cold energy.”
  • The latest monitoring technology for maximum systems uptime and safety.
  • DOE authorized for LNG exports to Caribbean FTA and NFTA counties.
  • A fleet of 100 ISO containers for safe and reliable delivery.

Renewable sources of energy are growing at a fast rate to provide lower to net-zero emissions. As with any developing energy market, the challenge is in how to distribute that energy to the place where it’s needed. Crowley is leveraging its expansive logistics transportation expertise with its proven reputation to deliver LNG to offer customers the solutions to safely and reliably distribute renewable energy to market via land and marine.

Carbon will still exist as the world moves to other renewable forms of energy. It will be captured and sequestered to ensure the carbon is not released into the atmosphere. But how will it be transported from source to storage? Crowley is focused on the required carbon transportation solutions that pipelines can’t provide. We help customers by transporting the infrastructure needed via inland river systems, coastal waterways, and over the road or rail to ensure the safe and reliable handling of that carbon to the ultimate destination.

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