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Port Electrification

Creating the port of the future.

As we plan for the future of sustainable shipping and the push towards net-zero emissions, we are working with our private and public partners to offer solutions to electrify current port infrastructure to ensure it supports the transition to cleaner energy.

Our solutions include full planning and implementation of a port microgrid system to enable shore charging stations, emission barges, power barges, and e-tugs that also support the landside electrification needs for yard equipment, trucks, etc.

This Means:

  • Building and utilizing zero-emission vessels in port.
  • Identifying gaps in clean energy refueling sources to support vessels operating on electric and renewable power.
  • Implementing sustainable practices in design and construction, operations, and administrative practices.
  • Adopting new technologies to reduce emissions in port.

Mobilizing Shore Power – The Power Barge

  • Mobile power grid for placement anywhere in harbor or inside anchorages
  • Potential to cold iron at anchor
  • Mobile shore power for non-fleet vessels at berth
  • Reliable and adaptable to use without need for central grid integration.
  • Mass mobile power in catastrophic event or emergency

Reducing Emissions at Anchorage

The premier alternative to shore power, emission control barges can also act as a mobile charging grid for e-tugs and a solution for emissions treatment while at anchor. The don’t require any costly ship modifications and they can be deployed rapidly upon arrival at anchor or in berth.

  • 96% PM Removed
  • 98% NOx Removed
  • 99% Percent Removal of S02

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