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Customs Clearance/Brokerage

Textiles and Apparel
Customs Clearance Services

Our compliance-driven, customs brokerage experts can assist customers by expediting both unfinished textiles and supplies, and finished apparel through the rigorous and complex customs process.

Benefit from our decades of experience managing the customs processes of some of the world’s largest clothing manufacturers. We’re people who know your product as well as the relevant regulatory agencies.

As a single-source, total supply chain solutions provider, we have developed ways to efficiently manage the import and export of finished products and materials while staying abreast of regulations affecting this constantly evolving market. 

Make streamlined customs clearance your competitive advantage

Allow our experienced team to guide you through the intricacies of the customs entry process to ensure your cargo is cleared quickly and efficiently. We offer the following services to our footwear and apparel customers:

Our specialized customs brokerage team can provide trade, security and U.S. Customs compliance consulting for import and export customers who need assistance moving cargo throughout the supply chain. As your broker, we act as a liaison between you and various government agencies, making it easier to comply with complex legislation and reduce cargo delays and costs associated with non-compliance to customs clearance regulations. With one single point of contact, we offer:

  • Import Customs Requirements / Commodity Import Regulations Reviews
  • Customs Valuation Inquiries
  • Assistance with Free Trade Zones, Special Regimes and Trade Preferences
  • Industry Best Practices for Increased Efficiency / Alternatives
  • Guidance for Various Governmental Initiatives (ACE / ISF / C-TPAT)
  • Educational Seminars, New Import Initiative Rollout & Self-Audit Programs
  • Special Trade Preference Programs (CAFTA / HOPE / NAFTA)
  • Tariff Classification and Binding Ruling Assistance
  • Duty Refund Protest Processing (CF19 / SIL/ PEA)
  • Automated Trade Services / EDI Capabilities
  • Majority of imports cleared via electronic system before arrival
  • Electronic entries filed at any U.S. port, regardless of physical office location
  • Paperless cargo pre-clearance


  • ISF (Importer Security Filing) 10+2, 24 hours prior to container loading the vessel at port of origin (Ocean cargo only). 
  • Legible copy of the Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
  • Notify Party must state Crowley
  • Commercial Invoice (must include the following)
  • Port of Entry
  • Shipper Name & FDA Registration number
  • Receiver Name
  • Description of Merchandise
  • Quantity: weight & measures
  • Purchase price in currency of sale
  • Country of Origin
  • If product is for consumption or otherwise

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