Government and Military

Integrated Project Logistics and Rapid-Response Expeditionary Logistics


Crowley offers full spectrum, project-based logistics services anywhere in the world. Alongside local partners, we can provide logistical support for a variety of scenarios, including chemical weapons handling and disposal, humanitarian assistance, and military and commercial operations. With years of global experience and a team standing ready, we are poised to handle planned or contingency operations, logistics planning and feasibility analysis, all with one call, and with one single point of accountability. 

Our services include:

  • Logistics over-the-shore

  • Port opening and operations

  • Coastal maritime distribution

  • Cargo reception and onward movement

  • Base construction and operations

  • Power generation

  • Container handling and management

  • Salvage, engineering and technical response

  • Host-nation Customs coordination

  • Offshore warehousing

  • Lighterage operations

  • Cargo-wash facilities

  • Inland transportation and warehousing

  • Equipment / supply procurement

  • Customs clearance, including cross-border clearance and transportation

  • HAZMAT removal and disposal

  • Cargo surveys and inspections

  • Life support and personnel security services

  • Material handling

  • Stevedoring and terminal services

Our past work includes:

  • HADR support – Haiti Earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy

  • West Africa Ebola outbreak – Operation United Assistance

  • COCOM – USAID –  Logistics, warehouse and transportation support

  • Vessel management – MARAD and MSC

  • SUPSALV/NAVSEA salvage

  • Ehime Maru recovery/relocation

  • USS Port Royal refloating

  • Air Alaska wreck recovery

  • Syrian chemical weapons destruction afloat – United Nations Security Council Resolution 2118

  • Exxon Valdez oil spill first responder and clean-up leader

  • Clearing of human habitation from Johnston Island

  • Post-Desert Storm oil spill clean-up

  • Transported 12,000 tons of aggregate and sand to the Kwajalein Atoll

  • Aircraft carrier and large military ship tows: USS Missouri, USS Oriskany, USS Iowa, USS New Jersey, USS Port Royal

  • Costa Concordia ship salvage