Freight Forwarding and Global Project Logistics

Import Services and Customs Brokerage

Crowley can offer customized import logistics solutions to meet your global transportation and customs brokerage requirements. Our import services team is comprised of qualified consultants who will evaluate your entire import process, and who can process your entries in a timely manner at a competitive cost. Our customers have come to rely on and trust Crowley’s long and successful history of Customs brokerage services.

Designed to meet your individual requirements, our complete clearance and brokerage services include:

  • Formal and informal entries

  • Warehouse entries

  • Temporary Import Bond (T.I.B.)

  • Ship Spares

  • Duty drawback procedures

  • Tariff classification

  • Customs surety bonds

  • Electronic entry filing/automated broker interface

  • Other government agencies

  • Customs clearance at all ports and airports

  • 24/7 customs entries processing and clearance

  • Online duty payment