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Logistics and Supply Chain Management Services

Supply Chain Management Solutions to Support Total Lifecycle Offshore Wind Ventures

As a distinguished global supply chain solutions provider for diverse commercial partners, our experience to consult, source and move cargo of all types and sizes via a curated network of land and water options makes us an invaluable partner to help you win at wind.

Our digital platforms and data analytics including procurement and marine management pair with a blended asset approach to ensure the right solution for your logistics challenge whether you’re in the infancy of an offshore wind farm buildout or in maintenance mode.

  • Internal procurement team to provide tools, equipment, PPE, and other items essential to developers, OEMs, and installers
  • Transportation networks for suppliers of steel, aggregate, cable, and components utilizing system management, land transportation, and marine assets
  • Digital Platform consisting of suppliers and end-users to enable track & trace for materials and management of on-site inventory in support of construction, installation, and O&M
  • Nationwide relationships with labor unions to supply crew for European WTIVs and other wind specific vessels
  • Supply technicians for pre-assembly, construction, and O&M

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