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Supply Chain Solutions and Consulting

Crowley Managed Transportation Services

Supply Chain Solutions and Consulting Services

Our supply chain solutions consulting team can help you increase revenue, reduce cost, improve service levels and efficiency and reduce your exposure to business risk.

We will evaluate your current material and information flows and design future state options to meet your supply chain needs. This results in a higher return on investment while freeing your internal resources, allowing you to focus on improving your core competencies.

Network Optimization

Your supply chain is constantly evolving. That’s why you need a supply chain solutions partner that can drive efficiencies, improve service and get products to market faster.

We start by analyzing your existing supply chain strategy, transportation and distribution networks, sourcing and manufacturing locations and delivery destinations. We then provide optimal cost-based routing and mode selection recommendations to develop a supply chain network in support of your business goals.

We apply our modeling tools to determine the optimal number and location of distribution centers, cross-docks and other logistics facilities. We consider regional differences in labor, transportation cost, land, taxes, utilities and economic incentives, to design the supply chain that meet your needs.

Transportation Modeling

The transportation modeling evaluates your transportation operations, identifying areas for improvement, while prioritizing opportunities.

Services Provided and Scenarios Covered Include:
  • Current business processes
  • Benchmarking
  • Carrier strategy
  • Mode utilization
  • Consolidation
  • Cost/rates
  • Service metrics

We also perform what if scenarios for moving suppliers, manufacturing operations, increasing/decreasing volumes, service improvements and other service related constrains. We create a road map to help your operations reach full potential while optimizing your transportation spend.

Benefits of Transportation Modeling:
  • Reduced overall transportation costs
  • Improved conveyance utilization
  • Supply chain management through shared service infrastructure
  • Accurate shipment routing via optimal cost mode
  • Consolidation of multiple shipments to same origin and destination
  • Air to ground savings
  • Assessorial reductions
  • Increase customer service

Distribution Assessment

We evaluate your warehouse operations, identify areas for improved material flow, layout efficiency, inventory slotting and more. We will help you realize the greatest savings and provide you with a continuous improvement plan, or we can assume management over your warehouse operations.

As part of the warehouse assessment, we analyze:
  • Current business processes
  • Information technology systems
  • Material and information flows
  • Layout efficiency
  • Inventory slotting
  • Labor efficiency
  • Material handling methods
  • Performance metrics
  • DC bypass

  • Lower supply chain inventory levels
  • Inventory carrying cost reduction
  • Reliability of supply chain performance
  • Reduced destination costs by shifting work to origin
  • Administrative efficiencies through outsourcing and automation
  • Reduced IT investment

Import/Export Assessment

We help you make sense of the import/export business, by simplifying the complexities, ensuring compliance and reducing costs.

Services Provided:
  • Proper classification of Harmonized Tariff Codes
  • International duties
  • INCO terms
  • C-TPAT programs
  • Origin consolidation

  • Visibility of order, part and shipment status
  • Visibility of in-transit inventory
  • Improved reporting capabilities
  • Lower supply chain inventory levels
  • Inventory carrying cost reduction
  • Reliability of supply chain performance
  • Reduced destination costs by shifting work to origin
  • Administrative efficiencies through outsourcing and automation

Our International Supply Chain Solutions

Crowley MTS’ overall strategy involves a Control Tower that provides an end-to-end domestic and international transportation management solution. We cover the full suite of logistics services, beginning with inbound supplier coordination through to freight bill audit and pay.  The goal is to provide a transportation solution to reduce your cost and most effectively meet on your needs.

With our solution, there are no complex and lengthy Information Technology requirements to build electronic interfaces. Most of the service is performed by us, while providing you with real-time visibility to all your shipments.

Crowley Logistics provides secure, single source end-to-end trucking solutions for customers that require over the road transportation throughout the region.

Our dedicated team specializes in tailoring complete supply chain solutions with emphasis on speed to market, safety and compliance with customer requirements.

We provide services with our own fleet and featuring full supply chain solutions including warehousing and custom house brokerage services all over the region. All offered individually or on an integrated basis.

Our experienced professionals always available to provide suitable and convenient solutions to speed up your supply chain.

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