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A Story of Small Business Support and Shared Commitment to Growth: Wright Xpress and Crowley

Charlie and Pam Wright, owners of flourishing small business Wright Xpress in Pennsylvania, have worked with Crowley in supporting the Defense Freight Transportation Services contract since 2019.

What started as a fleet of one truck has quickly expanded to 54 trucks with drivers, which the Wrights attribute to their partnership with Crowley. Even as fuel prices rise and the economy toughens, Wright Xpress is thriving.

“We began conservatively, and then started adding more trucks and capacity. As Crowley grew confident in me, they gave us more and more work,” said Charlie Wright. “We have a true partnership. I helped them, and they helped me.”

The Proof is in the Partnership

The Wrights represent a key cog in reaching the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Transportation Command (TRANSCOM) goal of helping the nation support small business growth. Under DFTS since Crowley began serving the contract in 2018, approximately $630 million in transportation has gone to small, diverse businesses coast to coast.

Today, Wright Xpress is consistently one of Crowley’s go-to small business carriers, due to both its demonstrated capability and reliability to meet DFTS metrics without delay, and the company’s understanding of the DFTS freight services mission. The company has grown to serve not just the Defense Logistics A’gency’s center in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, but reach the contiguous U.S. For 2022, Crowley awarded Wright Xpress the Schedule Truck Carrier of the Year award for its strong record of on-time deliveries, among 8 businesses honored among hundreds of businesses working with Crowley.

Wright Xpress is also a key player in supporting Crowley on a proof-of-concept project involving cargo consolidation to infuse efficiencies into the DFTS operations. The objective is to build more consolidated loads and optimize performance and create cost efficiencies for the government and already, Wright Xpress is reaching 12 to 15 percent greater efficiency.

The company maintains a ready position among DFTS carriers with Crowley to support emergency efforts when needed. Wright Xpress delivered COVID-19 test kits as part of the contract’s Health and Human Services (HHS) relief effort to move test kits from DLA to the U.S. Postal Service for nationwide distribution.

“I love what I do, and I’m very privileged to have this opportunity,” said Wright.

Long-term Commitment to Veterans and the Military

Wright Xpress has not stopped at business success. It emphasizes hiring veteran drivers due to the Wrights’ pride in serving the military through these carrier services. More than half of Wright Xpress’s drivers are veterans. The Wrights also help truck -operator who want to emulate their success in starting their own small businesses.

The Wrights aspire to continue their rising trajectory and leave the business to their children and grandchildren. Supporting the military under DFTS, according to the Wrights, has been a dream come true.

“I understand the DFTS contract really well, and I make sure I do my job at 100%,” said Wright. “Our partnership with Crowley has given me the chance to realize the American Dream and leave a legacy to my children and grandchildren—the most important thing to me.”