Government and Military

Fuel Over the Shore Distribution

Crowley conducts commercial fuel and logistics over the shore (LOTS) operations along the coastal and river systems of Alaska and the western Canadian Arctic during the brief summer, ice free, season. Shallow draft tugs and double-hull barges operate daily in remote and austere locations, with little to no infrastructure, to deliver equipment, supplies, and over 65 million gallons of clean petroleum products to nearly 300 communities each season.

In communities lacking a pier or dock wall, double hull barges are maneuvered near, or onto, the beach as needed to safely discharge petroleum and supplies.  Crowley introduced this approach to refueling isolated communities when it entered Alaska in 1953. Since then, the company has safely delivered hundreds of millions of gallons of clean petroleum products over the shore using its unique technology and technical expertise.

The fuel distribution system into coastal and river communities starts with lightering operations from ocean going tankers into large coastal transport barges and then again into smaller coastal or river landing barges. The system is optimized to ensure efficient and safe delivery to residential, commercial and government agencies.

Crowley has also delivered over 1.1 million tons of heavy equipment over the shore in support of the North Slope oil and gas operations and the Defense Early Warning (DEW) Line sites. In fact, Crowley executed the largest-ever private sea-lift of supplies over the shore to the North Slope of Alaska in the early days of the North Slope oil field development.

Government Customers

Defense Logistics Agency-Energy (DLA Energy)
Other Department of Defense and Civilian Agencies
State of Alaska Agencies
Regional Commands and Homeland Security providing Disaster Response