Shipping and Logistics

Cargo Insurance Documents and Information

  • Rate quoted and agreed should be entered on the B/L and or invoice

  • Copy of ocean bill of lading, air waybill or straight bill, as applicable, to include:

    • place of origin

    • port of departure and departure date

    • port of arrival and arrival date

    • final destination

    • transshipment point(s), if any

    • vessel name and voyage number

    • mark and numbers

  • Special instructions, if any (including letter of credit requirements, special shipping conditions, etc.)

  • Name, address, contact and phone number of party to be shown as insured party

  • Instructions for distribution of certificate originals and copies

  • Payment information/bill-to party

Insurance certificates issued include the following information and instructions:

  • Complete shipment information as provided

  • Additional/special conditions of coverage

  • Conditions of insurance

  • Survey and claims information

  • Liability of carriers, bailees, or other third parties

  • Instructions to be followed in case of loss or damage

  • Complete contact information for claims settling agent

All necessary information and documents should be received by Crowley prior to departure of shipment.  The certificate must be completed prior to arrival of shipment at destination. Please make sure to secure a copy of your certificate for reference and information.