Specialized Garment-On-Hanger (GOH) Equipment

Garment rack system features “E” tracks running full length of the containers just under both top rails. The “E” track features specially ‘e’ shaped holes, equally spaced, into which special removable clips fit. In a 40 GOH container, the clips are attached to a steel tube which is around 1 1/2 inches by 3 inches by 8 feet in length. The standard configuration for a 40 GOH has a total of 25 beams (racks) are installed into the “E” track at equal spacing from each other. The 20 GOH containers have 12 bars, equally spaced. Thus, the approximate distance between bars is about 18 inches or 45 to 46cm. 

Each beam then gets its rope which is made of 3/16 diameter polypropylene rope. Each rope is doubled and has anywhere from 8 to 14 knots tied in it. The ropes are suspended from the beams and the clothes hangers are hooked through the knots. 
Depending on client’s individual requirements The interior surfaces of the containers are sometimes covered with paper or plastic liners to protect the garments.