Reefer / Insulated Equipment Specifications

1 All weights are listed in pounds (lbs.).

2 53′ Equipment can only be utilized in the U.S. to Puerto Rico Service.

3 For guidance only for use on U.S. highways. Maximum weight allowances on individual units and shipments may vary depending on loading and other circumstances. Shippers are responsible for equipment loading, compliance with applicable road weight limitations and accurate weight declarations. Consult your Crowley representative for your specific needs.

4 Various containers, even within the same size category, can have different tare weights based on manufacturer design and building criteria. The above tare weights on this page represent the maximum tare for each piece of equipment in any particular size category. You will never receive a unit that has a tare that is more than what is stated here.

If actual tare on any unit you receive is less, than the actual tare may be used in place of these guidance figures for the SOLAS requirements. 

Visit for frequently asked questions regarding SOLAS regulations or do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service department.