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Cargo - 1st Report of Loss/Damage

A loss or damage report is a notification to the carrier of loss or damage discovered at time of unloading. The loss or damage report should describe the loss or damage, the probable cause of the loss or damage and the disposition of the damaged commodity. A LOSS OR DAMAGE REPORT DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A FREIGHT CLAIM.


  • Be reminded of the duty to mitigate any loss (i.e separate wet cartons from dry ones, safeguard undamaged cargos from future loss and salvage product where possible)
  • Take photographs to record the extent of any loss/damage, including equipment numbers in the frame where possible.
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If you believe that your loss may exceed $5,000, after submitting this form to report the loss, you should immediately call 904-612-1204 (24 hr service) to schedule a survey.

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