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Julie B

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Julie B Specifications


Summer Load Line Keel Draft

19′ 0.8125″

Summer Load Line Displacement

28,551.7 ST

Summer Load Line Deadweight

23,636.9 ST

Lightship Draft (mean)

3′ 10″

Lightship Displacement

4,914.79 ST

Lightship LCG – Forward of Transom


Lightship VCG – Above Baseline


Draft Mark Locations

  • Fwd Marks


  • Aft Marks


Longitudinal Strength Data

Maximum Allowable Still Water Bending Moments

  • In Port

441,990 LT-ft

  • At Sea

209,967 LT-ft

Maximum Allowable Still Water Shear Force

  • In Port

4,219 LT

  • At Sea

2,368 LT

Transverse Frames

Uniform Linear Load

42,308 lb/ft

Point Load

198,998 lbs

Transverse Bulkheads

Uniform Linear Load

82,094 lbs/ft2

Point Load
(only over web frames)

547,293 lbs


Longitudinal Bulkheads

Uniform Linear Load

74,722 lbs/ft2

Point Load
(only over web frames)

515,205 lbs

Nominal Overall Deck Load Rating

Counting Long’l Stiffeners

4,200 lbf/ft2

Intersection of Structures

Transverse Bulkhead and Longitudinal Bulkhead

814.89 Kips

Transverse Bulkhead and Side Shell

772.97 Kips

Transverse Frame and Side Shell

599.60 Kips

Transverse Frame and Longitudinal Bulkhead
(52′ 6″ Off Centerline)

599.60 Kips