Petroleum and Chemical Transportation


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To offer the widest variety of petroleum and chemical transportation solutions for customers, Crowley has further committed its investment in the Jones Act and the revitalization of its product tanker fleet with the purchase of two U.S.-flagged Veteran Class tankers, the Pennsylvania and the Florida. As the 13th and 14th vessels built in their class, their proven design provides Crowley customers with ABS-classed vessels that have been thoroughly tested and refined for performance and reliability.

As of 2013 Crowley will own and operate these tankers, which are capable of carrying 330,000 barrels of petroleum products and chemicals. The Veteran Class design is based on the well proven as-built Athenian Class 46,000 DWT product tanker from Hyundai Mipo Dockyards. The standard design was changed to conform to U.S. registry and U.S. coastwise trade requirements.

Tanker Specifications and Design Highlights