Life At Crowley


Crowley employees work in a team environment focused on results. Our core values, along with leadership expectations of high performance, allow each of us to meet the requirements that continue to exceed goals and build value at Crowley.

In the following video, Susan Michel, Crowley Vice President of Human Resources and Learning; and Jeannie Stewart, Director of Talent Acquisition and Employee Services, talk about high-performance traits and characteristics taken into consideration when selecting new talent.

Crowley Employees’ High Performance Traits

Accept and learn from feedback. Are respectful and honest with others so that they can also grow & adapt.

Appreciate positive feedback. Do not self-promote. Are generous with praise and recognize others.

Get things done and continuously look for ways to improve work. Are upbeat and positive.

Manage Ambiguity
Have a high tolerance for ambiguity. Adapt to change and direct energy on what can be controlled.

Growth Focused
Continually look to grow & develop. Readily share knowledge. Support the growth & development of others.

Team Players
Communicate, collaborate, and promote shared decision making to ensure the best work gets done.

Crowley collects personal information you choose to provide through our recruiting portals. Crowley will not contact you to provide personal information during the recruiting process or when an offer is presented.  If you have any questions about a communication you received from us, please contact us at 1-800-CROWLEY or send an e-mail