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Maritime Careers Support a Sustainable, Global Supply Chain

Maritime jobs are essential in maintaining an efficient global supply chain. Without the people who operate the vessels and port infrastructure to move the goods we depend on, commerce and what we do in our daily lives would significantly slow down. The work that seafarers, stevedores, and other port operators do every day keeps businesses open, communities growing and people thriving.

As reported in Crowley Insights, supporting the development of a new generation of mariners is imperative for the health of the U.S. maritime industry, the strength of the global economy and national security. During a U.S. congressional hearing, officials said that if the U.S. needed to sustain its military in a prolonged emergency, it would be short at least 1,800 qualified merchant mariners to transport personnel and goods. The press for jobs throughout the economy creates even more demand for the growing industry.

The mariner shortage is front and center for the U.S. maritime industry and the government for a very good reason: waterborne cargo and related activities contribute more than $500 billion to the economy and sustain over 10 million jobs, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Maritime Sustainability’s Future

Crowley’s expansive maritime career offerings offer job seekers diverse opportunities within the shipping industry. One critical element that maritime workers help drive is sustainable shipping and operations, as many organizations seek to reduce emissions and help address climate change. Crowley, committed to reaching net-zero emissions, holds sustainability as a core value as it manages and transports clothes, food and fuels worldwide.

Putting sustainability at the forefront means offering sustainable employment and protecting the environment. The seafarers, captains, engineers and others on shore and at sea are at the front line of executing the operations behind our policies to protect the marine environment and keep people and the environment safe.

“Sustainability and safety go hand-in-hand on our ships,” said Jason Hatch, a chief mate on a Crowley articulated tug-barge serving Alaska.

He sees firsthand where the company’s values of Integrity, Sustainability and Drive come to life. He said safety procedures are a priority for keeping the crew healthy and uninjured. Protecting the environment through rigorous protocols is of utmost importance, Hatch added. For example, when fuel is handled, policies protect the crew while ensuring the fuel is transferred in an environmentally responsible manner.

Focused on sustainable careers, Crowley works hard to support employees with competitive wages, appealing benefits, a flexible schedule, training assistance, opportunities for advancement, and more. This is all a part of creating a solid culture that sustains the marine workforce.

“Our people are our most valuable assets and drive us on our quest for continued excellence,” said Chairman and CEO Tom Crowley in Crowley’s latest Sustainability Report.

From ordinary seaman to captain, each position on a ship supports Crowley’s role in executing a safe, environmentally efficient, global supply chain. The world would halt without the movement of goods and fuel we provide. The company focuses on helping new employees feel secure in choosing a maritime career, as a resilient maritime industry is needed for the long term.

Securing an Enduring Shipping Industry

Innovation is a key part of Crowley’s sustainability efforts. In 2022, Crowley built a foundation to decarbonize our business to reach net zero by 2050.

Crowley has increasingly invested in alternative fuel vessels and energy sources using modern technologies to improve efficiency and electrify vessels and ports. For example, Crowley’s eWolf will enter the first U.S. all-electric, zero-emissions tugboat service in 2024.

Crowley is also leading the charge to make offshore wind generation a top source of energy production. With these efforts, the company is helping protect the environment through renewable energy sources and helping the next generation of workers at terminals and vessels to support offshore wind installations.

Crowley offers rewarding maritime careers for those looking to join a company that prioritizes sustainability, safety and innovation while providing competitive wages, impactful benefits, opportunities to advance and the choice to join a collaborative and committed team to building a sustainable future.