Marine Solutions

Prince William Sound Class

Overall Dimensions

The specially designed 153-ft. Prince William Sound tugs are the most powerful Voith Schneider -propulsion tractor tugs in the world. Designed specifically for tanker escort operations in Valdez Harbor and Prince William Sound, Alaska, these 10,200-h.p. tugs feature turbocharged four-stroke diesel engines and a unique skeg design for greatly increased maneuverability and directional stability.

In addition to tanker escort, these tugs are designed for ship handling, firefighting, emergency response and oil spill response. Each vessel is equipped with boom, spray dispersant arms, Desmi skimmers and 70,000 gallons of recovered oil storage.

These vessels are classed by the ABS as +Al Towing service +AMS,+ABCU,+Al Firefighting, non-dedicated OSRV and FFVl Class 1. They are fully instrumented, with pilothouse-controlled engine room and deck machinery and the latest in navigational and communications technology, including electronic charting and ARPA radar.