Marine Solutions

Ocean Class

Overall Dimensions

Length: 146’
Breadth: 46’
Depth: 26′

The Ocean Class tug is a modern ocean towing twin-screw vessel with controllable pitch propellers (CPP) in nozzles, high lift rudders, over 147 MT bollard pull, FiFi-1 and certified DP-1. Towing configuration has 3,000 feet of 2 1/2″ cable and 4,200 feet of 2 3/4″ cable with 317.5 MT of holding power. Tow wires are handled on deck with Triplex 350 MT shark jaws and 200 MT guide pins. The vessel has been designed to help safeguard the environment, with all tanks containing oil and oil traces placed inboard of the sideshell, creating a double hull to eliminate any petroleum discharges to the water. Additionally, the vessel has been designed for zero discharge of any machinery cooling water, gray or black water.