Marine Solutions

750-Class ATBs

Tug Specifications:
LOA: 148′
Beam: 60′
Depth: 30′
Draft: 22′ 6″

Barge Specifications:
LOA Barge: 600′
LOA (coupled): 699′ 9″
Beam: 105′ 6″
Depth: 53′

The 750 Class Articulated Tug Barges (ATBs) incorporate the latest advances in environmental safety along with a tanker-like hull design to deliver the most advanced and efficient tug barge combinations currently available, as well as the largest carrying capacity in our ATB fleet. Making use of an articulated connection system, the tug mates into a specially designed notch in the stern of the barge. The sophisticated connection allows the tug and barge to move fluidly as one unit in the most adverse seas, thereby providing increased service reliability not achievable with a conventional tug and barge. Thanks to the barge’s advanced hull shape and articulated connection system, the unit is able to achieve a service speed of 15 knots.

The tugs provide double-hull protection of petroleum spaces, while barges are double hulled for maximum safety. The barges were built, documented and maintained to meet the stringent requirements of American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) SafeHull. They have sophisticated inert gas generating systems; vapor recovery systems; fully redundant ballast systems; automated, flexible and highly efficient cargo systems; closed radar tank gauging systems and advanced mooring systems.

These tugs meet all SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) and ABS criteria, and have foam capable fire monitors; twin fuel efficient, heavy fuel engines and noise reduction packages, as well as other upgrades to increase performance and ensure safe, reliable operation. The tugs and barges carry communication and navigation equipment that is among the most technologically advanced in the industry.