Petroleum and Chemical Transportation

650 Class Articulated Tug Barges (ATBs)

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This is the largest Crowley class of ATBs, with 10 vessels in operation.  This class features improved vessel cargo systems for maximum flexibility and cargo integrity.  Though larger than the 550 class of ATBs, these vessels safely maintain 12 knots and can handle extreme weather.  These ATBs were also designed for easy modification to allow transport of EZ chemicals such as cyclohexane, paraxylene and styrene.  These vessels operate in the U.S. Gulf and on the East and West Coasts. 

650 Class ATB Fleet

Pacific Reliance / 650-1

Gulf Reliance / 650-2

Resolve / 650-3

Integrity / 650-4

Courage / 650-5

Commitment / 650-6

Pride / 650-7

Achievement / 650-8

Innovation / 650-9

Vision / 650-10

650 Class Design Highlights

  • 178,000 barrels at 96% capacity

  • Twin-screw 10,500 hp tug with Intercon notch connection

  • Proven design for full ocean service; the robust Intercon notch connection system enables U.S. Gulf to West Coast, U.S. Gulf to East Coast, and Inter-West Coast trading capabilities

  • 12 knot speeds in seas as high as Beaufort 5 conditions

  • Unit is designed to carry clean petroleum products, heated cargoes and EZ chemicals to provide maximum cargo flexibility

  • Barge built under the ABS SafeHull program for maximum environmental protection, which puts the vessel design through extensive review to identify and strengthen the vessel structure

  • Meets full SOLAS criteria for enhanced crew safety

  • Redundant steering system with oversized rudders for maximum handling capability

  • Double-hull configuration

  • Transfer rates of up to 20,000 barrels per hour

  • Cargo pump in each of the 14 cargo tanks to assure maximum cargo integrity and segregation flexibility

  • Remote radar gauging in all cargo and ballast tanks

  • Remote operated ballast system to enable the vessel to exchange ballast at sea while underway

  • Dual-mode inert gas vapor collection system for maximum safety, with a layer of inert gas covering the product in the tank to make the tank atmosphere too lean for combustion

  • Two hose-handling cranes with 10-ton safe working load

  • Enhanced mooring system featuring 1,000 feet of Spectra-type lines on split drums with a high-speed recovery rate of 100 feet per minute

  • Two anchor windlasses each equipped with 10 shots of chain for offshore mooring operation

  • Barge meets OCIMF and ISCOTT requirements

  • Vacuum system with three retention tanks to easily handle cargo changes

  • Foam firefighting system and monitor mounted on tug for enhanced firefighting ability

  • Enhanced firefighting system including fixed Co2 for all machinery spaces and foam coverage system for the cargo manifold area

550 Class ATBs 

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