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Crowley Solutions is a dedicated, full-service Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Construction Management and Offshore Engineering team that takes pride in our ability to offer our customers a complete portfolio of marine solutions across the globe and in the most challenging of environments. Through our diverse capabilities and experiences, Crowley is able to safely provide greater value to our customers with multi-faceted marine design, construction management, and offshore support-related projects.

Specialized Services:

Select Areas of Expertise

Project Management

Clients look to Crowley to deliver complex projects in the world’s most challenging locations. Crowley’s project management expertise is the key to getting your project done on time and within budget. As project manager, Crowley incorporates all or part of the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) functions to meet or exceed client expectations.



  • Remote fuel management
  • Close Outs / Financial Management
  • Commissioning
  • Concept Development/Project Planning
  • Engineering
  • HSSE & Quality Program Management
  • Procurement/Expediting/Warehousing
  • Regulatory Process Management
  • Risk Program Management
  • Staffing/Site Management
  • Subcontractors Management

Arctic Logistics and Operations

Crowley has been involved in Arctic operations and logistics programs for over half a century. We offer a complete range of services which include:

  • Arctic Camps
  • Arctic Emergency Response
    • Lightering
    • Salvage
    • Towing
  • Cargo Services
    • Fuel Storage and Delivery
    • Procurement and Rental of Equipment
  • Forecasting
  • Heavy Haul
  • HSSE Management Services
    • Risk Analysis
    • Risk Management
    • Safety Plans
    • Task Analysis
  • Ice/Gravel Island Construction and Maintenance
  • Ice Management & Vessel Routing
  • Ice Road Construction
  • Remote Transportation Services:
    • Beach Landings  
    • Off Road Travel
    • Shallow draft vessel operations (Littoral Operations)
  • Vessel Design

Technical Beach Landings / Remote Site Operations

Crowley specializes in providing transportation, logistics, project management, beach landings, marine consulting, and risk assessment services in some of the most remote and challenging environments in the world. From the North Slope of Alaska, to the Russian Far East, to Africa, to the deep waters in the Gulf of Mexico, Crowley has the experience, the experts and the equipment to handle any project anywhere. Our services for beach landings and remote site operations include:

  • Cargo Services
    •  Ballast Operations
    • Crane Operations
    • Fuel Storage & Delivery
    • Heavy Haul
    • Load/Discharge Cargo Operations
    • Man Camps
    • Off Road Cargo Handling Equipment
    • Procurement & Rental of Equipment
    • Seafastening
    • Stow Plans
    • Temporary Remote Power Generation
  • Engineering Services
    •  Ballast Plans
    • Deck Strength Analysis
    • Grounding Reactions
    • Mooring Analysis
    • Seafastening Design
    • Stability
    • Tow Analysis
  • HSSE Management Services
    •  Risk Analysis
    • Risk Management
    • Safety plans
    • Task Analysis
  • Other Services
    •  Journey Management
    • Remote Satellite/Internet Communications
  • Site Selections
    •  Lay Down Facilities
    • Site Bathometry Studies
    • Site Remediation
    •  Transition Design

Complex Marine Projects

We have vast and diverse experience in complex marine projects. Crowley has operated successful marine projects virtually in every continent. With our marine experience, we can manage projects of any complexity and magnitude.

  • Coordinating with authorities and permitting
  • Full Forwarding Services
    • 3PL Cargo Consolidation and Forwarding
    • Cargo Custody Services
    • Permits/Regulatory interface
  • HSSE Management Services
    • Risk Analysis
    • Risk Management
    • Safety plans
    • Task Analysis
  • Journey Management
  • Marine engineering
  • Marine operations plan
  • Marine transportation analysis and planning
  • Route studies
  • Tow prepare and readiness
  • Towing resistance studies
  • Tow studies
  • Weather Management

High Bollard Pull Offshore Rig/Platform Towing

In Crowley’s previous experiences in rig/platform towing, customers have relied on Crowley to provide oversight and coordination of the subcontractors’ efforts for entire Rig/Platform towing operation. With Crowley’s Ocean class fleet, we are able to offer high bollard pull offshore rig/platform towing capabilities. Our Ocean Class tugs offer 10,800 horsepower, 165 MT minimum bollard pull and Dynamic Positioning technology. Our expertise include:

  • Assessment of Tow Requirements
  • Controllable Pitch Propellers
  • Custom Clearance and Brokerages
  • Defining of Tow Criteria
  • Design & Procurement of Specialized Towing gears
  • Dynamic Positioning
  • HSSE Management Services
    • Risk Analysis
    • Risk Management
    • Safety plans
    • Task Analysis
  • Journey Management
  • Long Range Towing
  • Marine Engineering
  • Marine Warranty Surveyor Interface
  • Procurement and Rental of Equipment
  • Regulatory Permitting
  • Rig Master
  • Station Keeping/Positioning
  • Tow Master

Marine Engineering

Crowley offers innovative marine engineering solutions throughout the lifecycle of all our projects. Our solutions include conceptual design, detailed engineering and management of multiple engineering disciplines. Crowley Solutions provides high quality engineering in every project we perform. Our people ensure successful project execution.

  • Engineering for Vessel Conversion and Modification
  • Feasibility and Proof of Concept Studies
  • FEED Studies
  • Heavy-Lift Transport Engineering
  • Mechanical, Piping and Electrical System Engineering
  • Naval Architecture
  • Stability Analysis
  • Structural Analysis

Remote Fuel Management

Clients look to Crowley to deliver solutions for some of the most complex projects in the world’s most challenging locations. Crowley has expertise in the procurement of petroleum supply, the transportation of petroleum products, and the concept, design and installation of temporary or permanent fuel storage facilities. Additionally, we have experience in management and operations of any scale.


  • Fuel Supply
  • Fuel Transportation
  • Management of Complex Logistics and Delivery Methods
  • Specialized handling in unique operating environments
  • Sub-Zero Temperatures
  • Unique Product Specifications to Meet Regulatory Requirements
  • Fuel Storage
  • Fuel Distribution
  • Installation of Fuel Dispensing Systems
  • Fuel Operations & Tank Farm Management

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