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Remote Fuel Management

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Clients look to Crowley to deliver solutions for some of the most complex projects in the world’s most challenging locations. Crowley has expertise in the procurement of petroleum supply, the transportation of petroleum products, and the concept, design and installation of temporary or permanent fuel storage facilities. Additionally, we have experience in fuel management and operations of any scale.


  • Fuel Supply
    • Sourcing of foreign or domestic supply
    • Experience in negotiating complex buying indexes for competitive pricing and risk management
    • Large scale purchasing power
    • Identification and vetting of third-party supply partners
  • Fuel Transportation
    Management of Complex Logistics and Delivery Methods

    • Off-Shore Mooring systems
    • Land, marine or remote site locations
    • Specialized handling in unique operating environments
  • Sub-Zero Temperatures
  • Unique Product Specifications to Meet Regulatory Requirements
  • Fuel Storage
    • Conceptual design, construction and installation of tank farms to meet any scale project – temporary or permanent
    • Experienced in flow rate analysis to provide optimum storage requirements
    • Startup management and training
    • Regulatory compliance
  • Fuel Distribution
    Installation of Fuel Dispensing Systems

    • Card-Lock or Key-Lock
    • Fuel management systems with front end and back office support
    • Loading racks – bottom or top loading
  • Fuel Operations & Tank Farm Management
    • Inventory control
    • Loading and Off-Loading procedures
    • Safety processes
    • Environmental processes
    • Training for tank farm operations


  • Oil & Gas Industry
    Tank Farm Systems and Tank Farm Management
  • Large Scale Construction Projects
  • Residential/Commercial
    • Alaska: 25 Terminal Operations (largest at 800k bbls of capacity, former Chevron Tank Farm)
    • Remote Fuel Management
    • Marine fuel distribution system
  • Resource Extraction Industry
    • Large scale truck and marine fleet management
    • Concept & Design of Remote Fuel Management
      • Beach Landings – Off-Shore Mooring & Marine Header Systems
      • Complex Trucking Locations