Harbor Ship Assist and Tanker Escort

What does it take to break this line?

You’ll never find out during a job.

Crowley’s tow lines are put to the test with each ship assist and escort job, as well as in regular performance tests. We know that the integrity of the line is just as important as the strength of our tugs. Our ropes stretch and give, resisting abrasion and the opposing forces of high loads in often challenging weather conditions to ensure safety of people and cargo.

But not all tow lines are created equal. That’s why Crowley partners with Samson, the strongest name in rope. These tow lines are vigorously tested and proven, tow after tow, to go the distance. Their high-performance designs improve efficiency, reduce costs and provide long-term value.

What does this mean to you? Safety. Performance. Reliability in any condition. The comfort of having the best possible equipment at work for you. If you’re ready to put our business to the test, call the People Who Know. It’s our pleasure to serve you.