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Crowley Government Solutions Invoicing and Payment

If you are submitting invoices for Government subcontracts or purchase orders, please follow these guidelines.  

Commercial Invoicing and Payments

Crowley prefers electronic invoices as the primary method of invoicing. Please note that paper invoices are no longer accepted at Crowley.  

Crowley’s Portal for Suppliers

Invoices submitted through Crowley’s Supplier Portal is the preferred way of receiving invoices for all of Crowley’s commercial business units. 

Our portal is a cloud-based service linked to our ERP and procurement systems which enable the supplier to exchange invoices, bids, and purchase order change orders. With the service, registered suppliers can create and submit invoices online. Invoices are entered manually or converted from a purchase order. Suppliers can also submit credit notes. Our training resources will guide our suppliers through the invoicing process.  The portal also allows you to search for the payment status of your invoices. Use this quick guide to learn how. 

For more information on how to register on our portal, please visit Sustainable Procurement ~ Crowley

E-Invoicing (XML data)

Using Crowley’s Oracle Business Network (OBN), we can connect seamlessly to our supplier’s ordering processes using XML data exchange. The Oracle Business Network, an online service offering managed by Oracle, supports electronic message setup, transformation, and routing services through an Internet-based hub model. Primarily, OBN provides a single point connection for the exchange of electronic business documents over the Internet, allowing companies to minimize the integration, transmission, and maintenance costs. By allowing this online trading partner collaboration and communication, Crowley will have better business processes, consistent with Crowley’s “Lean” philosophy.

Interested trading partners should direct inquiries to


For those suppliers unable to use Crowley’s portal or send e-invoices in XML format, the only other alternative is sending via e-mail.

Consult our invoice requirements for detailed instructions on how to submit invoices.

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