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Crowley offers individuals who like to work hard and contribute to the success of the company the opportunity to achieve personal and professional fulfillment, recognition and financial stability.  Because of the diversity of Crowley services, including those offered by company subsidiaries, the work is often more interesting than at traditional single-service companies.  We provide opportunities for employees to move up, move laterally, and even venture into new disciplines.  Our employees also benefit from the importance Crowley places on safety, professional development and recognition, all of which contribute to strong employer/employee loyalty, durability and business continuity. 

Featured Careers - Looking for a Marine Systems Engineering Analyst in Jacksonville

Come be a part of our marine engineering team as a Marine Systems Engineering Analyst. In this role you will help maintain effective and efficient marine engineering operational practices and procedures and assist with investigations and audits, identify target areas and trends of non-conformances, and recommend corrective/preventative actions based on analysis. Ideal candidates should have a minimum of three years marine engineering experience, proficiency in Microsoft Office, and a bachelor’s degree in marine engineering or related field from an accredited college, university or maritime academy.

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