The Road To Zero

Environmental Protection

Our commitment to Environmental Protection is stated very simply in our Safety, Environmental, Quality and Security Policy. “Crowley companies place the highest priority on individual safety, security, prevention of pollution and customer satisfaction.” Our effort to prevent pollution, as documented in our Environmental Protection Program (certified to the ISO 14001 standard), is one of the primary tenets of the way we do business.

Our employees understand that our commitment to Environmental Protection extends beyond regulatory compliance. We are actively engaged in efforts to prevent pollution. We understand how our jobs may impact the environment and what we can do to minimize those impacts. We not only understand that oil, in any amount, being released into the environment is a serious incident, but also that we must reduce the environmental impact of everything we do. Our efforts have been recognized in various ways—including the USCG William M. Benkert Marine Environmental Protection Award (2000); the Air Emissions Southern California Air Quality Award; awards for sustainability in buildings and vessels, including LEED certification for our corporate offices in Jacksonville; Green Passport for ATB barges; improved oil spill prevention from ECOPRO; and the U.S. Chamber of Shipping Environmental Achievement Award.