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Truckload Intermodal Cost Indexes for the 2nd Quarter of 2016



For the second quarter 2016, the Cass Transportation Indexes, which are being used to monitor and evaluate U.S. inland rates, reflected an average of 121.8 for the Truckload Linehaul Index and 125.7 for the Intermodal Price Index (rail). Compared to the established baselines, of 126.8 for Truckload and 126.6 for Intermodal (rail), the Truckload Index decreased by 3.94% and the Intermodal (rail) decreased by 0.69%. Therefore, effective August 22, 2016, we will be reducing our tariff and contract all motor rates by 3.94%. The Intermodal (rail) rates will not change since the second quarter average against the baseline was less than +/- 2%. The indexes can be found here: CASS Indexes.

For the third quarter 2016 review, the baseline index for Truckload will adjust to 121.8 and the Intermodal (rail) will remain the same at 126.6. The third quarter review is set for October 2016. You can view the requirements and index history here.