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Tropical Storm Earl Customer Update #1


Crowley’s corporate emergency management team (CEMT) has begun monitoring Tropical Storm Earl, which has formed in the Atlantic.

At this time, Earl is approaching hurricane strength with winds of 70 mph and is expected to reach full hurricane strength within the next several hours as environmental conditions are becoming more favorable for development. Additionally, model forecasts indicate that Earl could have sustained winds of 90 mph or slightly higher at landfall.

There have been no significant changes to the forecast track which shows Earl moving over the southern Bay of Campeche. Any northward movement of the current forecast track, would likely be accompanied by more significant intensification that is currently forecast.

Expected Impacts on Land

Belize and Southern Yucatan: Widespread power outages are expected. Near the landfall location, severe damage to poorly built structures is expected. Tidal surges will also cause significant damage on the immediate coast and flooding due to the heavy rains could be widespread.

Eastern Shore of the Bay of Campeche: The main impact will be flooding due to heavy rainfall

Western Shore of the Bay of Campeche: Winds are likely to cause power outages and minor wind damage, especially north of the center. Heavy rains are expected to cause significant flooding and mudslides. Significant transportation delays are expected, along with some flood damage to buildings.

Expected Impacts over Water

Bay of Campeche: Squalls will begin to affect the Bay of Campeche Thursday morning and continue through Saturday morning. Some squalls may produce wind gusts over 60 mph in the western Bay of Campeche.

Current Impact on Crowley Operations

Puerto Cortes, Honduras: Currently gate in and gate out operations remain as normal, however vessel docking operations has ceased until further notice. Crowley will re-open its port facilities once given the all clear by government officials to do so. Additionally, Crowley offices in Honduras will close at 1500 local time and personnel will be released to prepare for the pending storm. For special requests, please work with your local representative prior to 1500.

We will continue to carefully monitor the storm and its potential impact on vessel schedules and will distribute updates as more information becomes available.

If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative or the Customer Service Department at 1-800-276-9539.

Please rely on Crowley for schedule changes and operational updates should there be any. Crowley sailing schedules are always available by visiting