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Tropical Storm Earl Customer Update #2


Crowley’s corporate emergency management team (CEMT) continues to closely monitor Tropical Storm Earl, which has formed in the Atlantic.

Earl has shifted slightly southward along its westward motion and is steadily weakening over the southern Yucatan Peninsula this morning. Satellite imagery indicates that Earl took a westerly jog as it moved through Belize overnight. Because of this, indications are that Earl’s center may only briefly emerge into the southern Bay of Campeche tomorrow before moving back inland into southern Mexico, where it will quickly weaken to a remnant low. Earl is currently forecast to weaken to just below tropical storm strength by this evening, but if the center does move back out over the water briefly tomorrow, then the possibility exists that it may regain minimal tropical storm strength.

Expected Impacts on Land

Southern Yucatan: Widespread power outages are expected. Moderate damage to poorly built structures is expected in locations that receive the highest winds. Flooding due to the heavy rains could be widespread.

Eastern Shore of the Bay of Campeche:The main impact will be flooding due to heavy rainfall.

Western Shore of the Bay of Campeche:Winds are likely to cause power outages and minor wind damage, especially north of the center. Heavy rains are expected to cause significant flooding and mudslides. Transportation delays are expected, along with some flood damage to buildings.

Expected Impacts over Water

Bay of Campeche:Squalls are moving into the eastern Bay of Campeche and will continue to impact the Bay through Friday evening. Some squalls may produce wind gusts over 60 mph in the western Bay of Campeche.

Current Impact on Crowley Operations

Puerto Cortes, Honduras: Currently gate in and gate out operations are operating as normal. Additionally, Crowley’s port facilities for vessel docking operations and offices in Honduras have all been cleared by government officials to resume normal operations. The vessel Tucana J, voyage CGF6031N is expected to sail this morning, with an ETA into Gulfport, Miss., of Saturday afternoon. The Deneb J, voyage NZV6109N will also sail this morning with an ETA into Port Everglades, Fla., of Saturday afternoon.

We will continue to carefully monitor the storm and its potential impact on vessel schedules and will distribute updates as more information becomes available.