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Puerto Rico Ports Authority (“PRPA”) Scanning Fee Effective 12/19/16


On November 19th 2016 the Puerto Rico Ports Authority adopted Regulation 8837 which requires that all cargo in containers coming into Puerto Rico through the Port of San Juan be inspected by a scanning procedure.

The Regulation provided that “each ship’s or vessel agent with inbound cargo” must pay the Ports Authority $4.00 per ton up to $69 per container.

This regulation will become effective and applicable to all shipments arriving on December 19th 2016 to the port of San Juan. Therefore in order to cover the carrier’s expenses related to Regulation 8837 effective December 19th 2016 a fee is being established by Crowley for all shipments to Puerto Rico:

$74 per container

We want to confirm that the assessments imposed by Regulation 8837 are not imposed on the shipper or consignee, but on each ship or vessel agent. The fees established by Crowley are charges designed to cover expenses and costs associated with the enhanced security fee.

If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative or the Customer Care Department at 1-800-Crowley (276-9539).