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Hurricane Matthew Customer Update #2


Crowley’s corporate emergency management team has been monitoring Hurricane Matthew, which has strengthened to a major Category 4 hurricane in the Caribbean Basin and is expected to threaten Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba over the next few days. There could also be potential impacts to Florida and the Carolina Coasts.

Safety is Crowley’s No. 1 core value and as such we are taking all appropriate steps to ensure the safety of Crowley personnel, including our mariners, vessels and your cargo. Vessels are being directed to either remain in port or take routes that would steer them clear of the storm.

At this time, we expect disruptions with many of our services, including those involving Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, the Caribbean islands and Central America.

We apologize in advance if your supply chain is disrupted.

As the trajectory of the storm continues to develop, we will update you with further information.