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Tom Crowley Named to Maritime Industry Advisory Panel by U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood today announced the appointment of 29 members – including Crowley Maritime Corporation’s Thomas B. Crowley Jr., president and CEO – to the new Marine Transportation System National Advisory Council (MTSNAC), established to advise the Department on matters relating to marine transportation.

“Shifting some of our freight from the highways to open inland waterways is a fuel-efficient, cost-effective way to move goods and reduce roadway congestion,” said Secretary LaHood. “The recommendations developed by the Marine Transportation System National Advisory Council will help us increase transportation efficiency, improve the environment and grow the economy.”

The Department will task the MTSNAC with developing recommendations on establishing new marine highway services and port infrastructure development, among other issues.

“The experience brought to bear by this diverse panel is impressive,” said Maritime Administrator David Matsuda.  “These maritime experts have a lot to contribute. I look forward to their advice as we tackle the industry’s most pressing challenges.”

For more information, read the full story online here.