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“The Produce News:” Customized Brokers welcomes ACE implementation

Customized Brokers’ Vice President Nelly Yunta was recently interviewed by “The Produce News” about the new ACE implementation. The story starts as follows:

“Nov. 1 is the next looming benchmark for a new electronic system designed to facilitate the import and export of goods in the United States.

“Nelly Yunta, vice president of Florida-based Customized Brokers, said that on this date the trade community will be required to use Customs and Border Patrol’s Automated Customs Environment for all electronic cargo release and related entry summary filing. The Nov. 1 benchmark is the second in the three-step process to fully implement ACE as the single window for filing electronic data in lieu of legacy systems.

“The customs house is owned by Crowley Maritime Corporation, and Yunta said Customized Brokers provides services to its customers in the Port of Miami and Port Everglades as well as handling ocean cargo in ports in California and Michigan.

“‘The government agencies have been working on this for a long time to get it going,” she told The Produce News. “In the future, they will all see the same documents. We truly expect this is going to be good. The agencies have done a good job in promoting the single window.'”

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