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Jim Van der Veen Awarded the 2003 Thomas Crowley Trophy

(Seattle; June 4, 2004) – Jim Van der Veen, director of contract services for Crowley’s energy and marine services group, was awarded the 2003 Thomas Crowley Trophy, Crowley Maritime Corporation’s highest honor, at ceremonies held this week at the company’s Pier 17 location in Seattle.

Created more than a decade ago, the Thomas Crowley Trophy award honors employees with outstanding performance, whose dedication, leadership, initiative and productivity most clearly reflect those of the company’s founder. The trophy, a limited edition, bronze sculpture depicting young Thomas Crowley as he ferried goods to and from ships on San Francisco Bay in the early 1890s, is a tribute to the founder of the company as well as the winners of the award.

Tom Crowley, Jr., chairman, president and CEO, presented the award at the ceremony, which was attended by Seattle employees and several members of the management team. Also included in the group were previous Thomas Crowley Trophy recipients: Sandy Teng, IT director of product development, and Lee Egland, director of labor relations.

“Jim has been a major contributor to the company’s success for a number of years,” Crowley said. “He is not a flashy guy who gets a lot of attention. Rather, he works tirelessly in the background to make sure tasks that need to be done are done accurately and timely so that our operations run smoothly and our customers are satisfied and happy with our service. He fosters a positive and motivated team effort in dealing with both operational and administrative staffs.”

Van der Veen is widely credited for facilitating Crowley’s services to the oil industry in the Russian Far East. He has been working there the past two years over five- to six-month periods. His knowledge, experience and high degree of customer interaction and service has helped Crowley establish new business as well as maintain existing relationships.

“I know what this trophy stands for and what it means to all who have received it,” Van der Veen said. “I am very honored for the recognition, but realize that this is not something you achieve by yourself. There are many outstanding individuals working here together as a team that all had a hand in this. So I thank them very much.”

Van der Veen joined Crowley in 1978 as California operations manager for Crowley’s former Hawaiian Marine Lines common carrier service. He joined the marine operations group as manager of marine operations in 1981 and relocated to Alaska two years later where he served as general manager.

During Van der Veen’s career, he has also held positions as general manager of oil industry services in Alaska and general manager of the company’s fuel and cargo transportation business in Alaska. In 1985, he moved back to the Puget Sound area and has been a key player in Crowley’s commercial and cargo operations business both as director of cargo operations and director of contract services.

Prior to joining Crowley, Van der Veen worked in shoreside positions for Kerr Steamship Co., Bakke Steamship Co. and as a second/third officer for American Mail Line, Ltd. He holds a B.S. in nautical science from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.

Oakland-based Crowley Maritime Corp., founded in 1892, is primarily a family- and employee-owned company engaged in worldwide logistics, liner services, contract towing and transportation, energy support services, ship assist and escort services, vessel management and petroleum and chemical marine transport. Additional information about Crowley, its subsidiaries and business units may be found on the Internet at

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