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Customized Brokers Comments on Chilean Blueberry Season in “Produce News”

Produce News - Blueberries

Customized Brokers‘ Nelly Yunta recently commented on the Chilean blueberry season in the late Dec. issue of “Produce News,” noting that volumes are high despite heavy rainfall in the region. 

She also stated, “Customized Brokers is handling more cargo this season than in past years, in part because of this higher influx of fruit, but also because we are offering customers more streamlined, end-to-end transportation and logistics solutions, including trucking, customs brokerage, freight forwarding and CrowleyFresh cold storage services.”

Yunta added that blueberries, avocados and stone fruits will be moving strongly in January, but as the year progresses, the company will switch its main focus to tropicals, asparagus, melons, mangos, grapes and other Chilean produce items.

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