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Sustainable Procurement


Instructions for Submitting Certificates of Insurance

Prior to executing any services or delivery of goods, the supplier must submit to Crowley’s Risk Management Department the agreed upon insurance Certificates of Insurance (COI).  Each year upon renewal, the supplier is responsible for sending updated COIs to the email address below to ensure continued services can be performed.

Such insurance shall be written with Insurers carrying no less than an “A” rating from A.M. Best’s.  Supplier shall provide to Buyer at the address set forth below Certificates of Insurance acceptable to Buyer evidencing the insurance required to be maintained by this Agreement prior to the commencement of any Services or the delivery of any Goods under this Agreement.  Commencement of Services or the delivery of Goods without receipt of the required Certificates of Insurance shall not constitute a waiver of the obligation of the Supplier to maintain the required insurance coverages and to provide Buyer with Certificates of Insurance.

Crowley Maritime Corporation
Attn: Risk Management Department
9487 Regency Square Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32225