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Crowley’s Inaugural Sustainability Report Reinforces Commitments to People and Planet

Crowley has released its inaugural sustainability report to assess and establish a transparent reference point to measure progress toward its environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals to build a more sustainable tomorrow.

The report marks a key milestone in Crowley’s ambition to become the most sustainable and innovative maritime and logistics company in the Americas.

The report builds on Crowley’s recent announcement to achieve net-zero emissions using a science-based approach by 2050 and outlines the company’s strategy and impacts in its ESG activities. Priority areas include: adopting low- to zero-carbon fuels and supporting new energy development; increasing talent diversity, growth and retention; and supporting people and communities. 

“The needs of our planet and people are changing, and alongside our partners, we are working each day with customers to reduce the environmental footprint of their supply chain utilizing ocean transport, which continues to be the greenest way to transport goods,” said Tom Crowley, chairman and CEO. “We are proud of our accomplishments and initiatives captured in this first report, which will serve as the baseline against which we will measure our evolution for years to come. Our commitments are deliberately ambitious, and we are establishing partnerships and standards to ensure success – matching our commitments with measurable action and year-over-year progress.”

Highlights from the 2021 Sustainability Report, Bravely Advancing What’s Possible, include:

“We see tremendous opportunity to build a more sustainable maritime and logistics industry that makes not only the global supply chain, but also our world, more resilient,” said Crowley’s Alisa Praskovich, vice president of sustainability. “We have made progress over the last year to understand our impacts and set ambitious ESG goals, and are prepared to help lead our customers, and our industry, toward a lower-carbon future for all.” 

The report also includes information on Crowley’s public and private ESG partnerships, digital transformation and focused community efforts in the Caribbean and Central America. 

To read Crowley’s sustainability report, visit