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The Top Reasons to Consider Maritime Jobs

If you haven’t found a job that suits you or you’re looking for new career opportunities, life at sea may be the perfect fit. At Crowley, we are a leader in the world’s shipping industry, and our employees are a part of maintaining a successful global supply chain. Without mariners, our world would grind to a halt. Our people move the products that keep businesses thriving, communities successful and people comfortable.

Applying for seagoing jobs and other positions at Crowley is a path to long-term, rewarding careers with flexible hours, the opportunity to see the world on high-quality ships, great benefits and more. Our employees feel at home in a global company that exposes them to different people and experiences.

Here are the top five reasons why we think you should consider maritime jobs:

Experience the world beyond its shores.

People who thrive on adventure are perfect for jobs at sea. The conditions working at sea are a challenge, but a benefit often noted by our crews is the opportunity to see the world and embark on new experiences when given shore leave at a port.

It’s a great alternative to office employment.

Maritime industry jobs are ideal for someone who seeks more experiences outside an office. For a person looking for flexible hours and time to enjoy other pursuits, marine job positions may be the perfect fit.

Entry-level to experienced applicants are encouraged to apply.

Maritime careers offer a path for people from all walks of life. Whether you’ve recently graduated college, dropped out of high school, are looking to transition from one career to another or have recently retired from the military, maritime jobs offer a top salary, benefits and opportunities to advance.

Opportunities for growth.

Marine industry jobs are varied – just like the differences between harbor tugs and ocean-going containerships. Opportunities abound: kitchen staff; engineers who can run different types of equipment and machines in addition to the vessel’s engine; and many other key roles such as cargo operators, welders, medical personnel, painters, cleaners and electricians.

You can start on a variety of kinds of vessels, where your unique skills will be useful and then learn or be trained to take on new tasks or move up the ranks in your field of specialty or take a position on a new vessel.

Teamwork is valued.

Life at sea will require excellent communication skills and the ability to work together with others. However, choosing maritime jobs can also be an opportunity to realize that your individual skill assets are valued and important to a team collaborating to achieve a bigger purpose in a dynamic environment on the water.

And here are the top five reasons to choose Crowley for seagoing jobs:

There are attractive benefits and competitive wages.

Some key benefits of employees working with us in maritime jobs are the excellent work-home rotations, company-provided training and advancement assistance and paid transportation to and from work. You can live anywhere in the world and travel to meet a vessel in port for work.

Work aboard modern ships with excellent amenities.

Many ships have or will add quicker digital access to the Internet so that mariners can connect to others while they’re at sea. The crew is given access to fitness equipment on most ships.

Our core values lead the way.

Integrity, sustainability and drive are values at Crowley that light the way for keeping our mariners safe, productive and comfortable in all aspects of their maritime careers. Crowley also encourages employees to make a difference in the world through volunteerism and stewardship of the environment and communities where we serve.

The team is diverse, inclusive and welcoming.

We are at the forefront of implementing EMBARC (Every Mariner Builds a Respectful Culture). EMBARC’s mission is to protect mariners and cadets from sexual assault and sexual harassment. There is also zero tolerance for bullying and discrimination aboard our vessels.

Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are our voluntary, employee-led groups that provide insight on specific topics and encourage the growth of a diverse and inclusive workforce. For example, the Women Empowered Resource Group’s mission is to grow the leadership and development of women within the organization. We also have a dedicated mariner business resource group tailored for those at sea or other shoreside employees interested in what our mariners do.

Alternative fuels and efficient technology are the future.

We are at the forefront of alternative fuel vessels, and new technologies to improve efficiency and electrify vessels and ports, such as building and operating the eWolf, the first U.S. all-electric, zero-emissions tugboat entering service in 2023.  We are also leading the charge to make offshore wind generation a top source of energy production. As Crowley protects the environment and paves a path into the future, there will be a continual stream of maritime careers to pursue here.

At Crowley, we offer more than just boat jobs, we offer a course to help you sail ahead through life. There is a career path for you here, and we hope you’ll explore all the seagoing jobs we offer. We look forward to welcoming you aboard.