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Freight Procurement

Crowley Managed Transportation Services

Freight Procurement

Procurement logistics doesn’t just deal with the purchasing of materials. It also involves storing, organizing and shipping these materials. Crowley Managed Transportation provides sourcing and selection policies, terms and conditions, compliance, communication and purchasing strategies to help keep the cost of materials acquisition as low as possible.

As a shipper, you need to keep your transportation costs low while still ensuring reliable transportation services from carriers. We help you in this endeavor by handling Carrier Management, RFP Bid Management and Tariff Creation and Hosting.

Carrier Management

Our team oversees carrier compliance with established agreements and service level metrics. The management and continuous improvement of carrier services through the lifecycle of the agreement is our responsibility. 

Services Provided
  • Carrier contracting
  • Carrier onboarding
  • Safety and licensing compliance
  • Carrier business and performance reviews
  • Market intelligence and procurement strategies

RFP Bid Management

Crowley manages carrier negotiation, selection, and bid event management. We can be silent partners in support of your contracted bids, or we can host and negotiate the bids, providing a consistent baseline for appropriate strategic value.

Services Provided
  • Bid preparation and management
  • Optimization of carrier base
  • Coordinated rate negotiations or silent partner
  • Spot buys
  • Leveraged rates
  • Reduced carrier base, and carrier administration
  • Multi-modal expertise
  • Benchmarking savings

Tariff Creation and Hosting

Services Provided
  • Single system control
  • Consistent accessorial and fuel tables
  • Customer-contracted or Crowley-contracted carrier base options
  • Data baselining for continuous improvement
  • Audit support
  • Consistency in spot, short-term, or long-term agreements

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