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Control Tower Operations

Crowley Managed Transportation Services

Control Tower Operation Management

Whether shipping by road, air, sea or rail, you deserve efficient, transparent customer service.

Our Operation Management service brings together the experience, capabilities, resources and financial stability of a leading global logistics provider; and couples it with personalized service and a focus on delivering bottom line savings.

Order Management

Crowley manages manual orders being input by you or one of our dedicated representatives, as well as EDI orders or those transmitted through a web interface.

Services Provided to Ensure Data Quality:
  • Manual order entry
  • Integration of purchase orders, blanket orders, distribution orders, sales orders, SKU releases, etc.
  • Resolving errors and managing exceptions
  • Processing revisions and updates
  • Supplier order validation
We Capture the Details Including:
  • Important dates including: Ship Window, Required at Destination Dates, etc.
  • Item details: number (quantity), description, HTS number, line number, weight, CBM, etc.
  • Ensure data on the purchase order sits in the proper locations for  proper searching and reporting
  • Setup of configured metrics in layouts

Transportation Planning

Crowley builds load plans to minimize transportation cost and meet your customer service requirements.

Services Provided:
  • Plan, optimize and route transportation
  • Translate customer material requirements into optimal transportation – at the right Mode and most cost-effective way
  • Accumulate materials to optimal load for direct delivery or via distribution facility
  • Pre-book carrier capacity based on planned inbound deliveries and optimum consolidation times
  • Manage container and trailer pools for nominated carriers
  • Reduce transit time, variability, and total supply chain costs
  • Optimize transportation – mode selection, container utilization, consolidation dwell times
  • Accurate planning on supply chain inventory levels

Transportation Execution

Crowley manages the process of tendering loads to asset and non-asset providers lowering your cost and improving service levels. 

Services Provided:
  • Tender load to nominated carriers – service provider neutral or integrated with Crowley
  • Manage carrier performance, compliance to service lead times and information flow
  • Integrate and manage forwarder booking, bill of lading processing and ISF filing
  • Provide visibility to carrier performance and shipment status
  • Maintain a responsive and cost-efficient supply chain
  • Achieve control over the optimal execution of supply chain processes
  • Reduce transit times and net working capital

Event Management

Crowley control tower employees track the physical movement of shipments and manage exceptions for our customers.

Services Provided:
  • Detailed part/SKU level data visibility
  • Transportation status updates
  • Milestone updates and visibility for in-transit materials
  • Capture and monitor the timeliness and accuracy of milestone events
  • Configurable, automated alerts and messaging
  • Capture and provide importer security filing (ISF) information
  • Visibility throughout the global supply chain
  • Control over lead-time
  • Increased velocity of in-transit inventory
  • Cost reduction through pro-active management, avoidance of expedited costs

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