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Driving Change

While the transportation and logistics sector may be defined by movement and machines, we are first and foremost a people-driven business. The progress we’ve made in the last year toward becoming a more sustainable company is thanks to our teams of innovative, dedicated individuals who bring that spirit to work every day. Our employees are the reason we excel at bringing goods and services where they are needed.

Employee Development

At Crowley, we are committed to the growth and development of our employees. We’ve developed four cross-functional training programs detailed below to help employees reach their goals and realize their potential. As an organization, we also support external training and have several resources and recommendations available to our employees.

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This three-month program is for junior- or senior-level college students actively pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The program includes weekly one-on-one learning, goal setting, development sessions, and an introduction to operations, culture and employee resource groups within Crowley.

The Rotational Development Program is an 18-month track open to upcoming bachelor’s and master’s degrees graduates. Participants in this program work alongside different business units and undertake customized assignments that match their background and interest with current business needs. They receive quarterly training and development opportunities, access to our Early Career Development employee resource group, and the possibility of a full-time offer upon the completion of the program.

The Leadership Development Program is open to all managers or high-potential individual contributors who have been with Crowley for more than two years. Participants have access to quarterly learning events, personal leadership assessments, customized developments plans, interactive learning, group coaching, and individual mentoring to acquire the skills they need to move up in the organization.

This six-month program is open to all directors and vice presidents who have been with Crowley for at least two years. In addition to access to a personal leadership assessment, participants take part in peer coaching that provides a strong support system, strengthens cross-functional networks, creates innovative solutions through questioning and discovery, and helps broaden understanding of functions and organizational business issues. Individuals are put into small groups to solve real world, enterprise-wide problems, which benefits the organization while developing the next generation of leaders.

Employee Perspectives

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In an increasingly competitive and transparent supply chain sector, it’s our people – rather than technology or capital investment – who are often the source of our biggest breakthroughs and innovative advancements. This requires unlocking the power of their diverse backgrounds, experiences and points of view. To leverage this diversity, we have developed an internal IDEA Council to help create an inclusive work environment and expanded our recruitment efforts for underrepresented groups. We’re proud to have received multiple awards in 2021 that reflect our dedication to creating an inclusive workplace.

IDEA Council

Crowley’s IDEA Council (Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Action) includes members representing a wide range of career levels, locations, experiences, and departments. They are charged with researching, developing, and proposing mechanisms that will help create a supportive and inclusive work environment where people are empowered to succeed. Their work is focused on growth in our business, performance and innovation in our workforce culture, and talent attraction, development and retention.

Expanding Recruitment

In 2021, we implemented a new recruiting system for the Thomas B. Crowley Sr. Scholarship Fund with a heavy emphasis on evaluating new cadets through a more holistic application process. By requiring essays as part of their applications, recruits can demonstrate their knowledge of DEI in the maritime industry through the lens of their own personal background and experiences. Last year, the percentage of female cadets amongst winners jumped from 6% to 40%.

External Recognition

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Platinum 2021 HIRE Vets Medallion award recognizes our efforts to increase veteran representation through hiring, ongoing training, and integration programs for the second year in a row. Similarly, the 2021 Top Company for Women to Work for in Transportation award from the Women in Trucking Association’s magazine reflects our ambition to create a corporate environment where women can not only thrive but assume key leadership positions.

Employee Diversity

Below is a breakdown of administrative employee diversity, which does not reflect mariners, union members or contractors. Our diversity reporting is a work in progress and we hope to be able to report on the diversity of our entire workforce in the future. We continue to implement initiatives to increase the diversity of our staff and reflect the places where we live and work.

Employee Breakdown By Race

Employee Breakdown By Gender

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Crowley’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups that provide developmental guidance on specific topics and encourage a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with our values, core competencies, and goals.

These ERGs are an important part of our holistic, global inclusion and diversity strategy. They offer support, understanding, and resource-sharing to help ensure the collective success of all who take part.


To advance a diverse and inclusive work environment, focusing on empowering and inspiring Black team members to achieve their fullest potential at Crowley.


To develop and retain hardworking individuals while encouraging them to use their skills to their highest potential.


To create a space where colleagues can support their career paths through improved English language skills.


To support those employees who are nearing the end of their career by offering resources on common topics and support from recently retired Crowley employees.


To support a diverse and inclusive workforce of mariners through resources, education, career development, and community.


To develop the cultural intelligence of its members and Crowley colleagues, fostering multilevel cultural exchange among Hispanics and other cultures to develop awareness and provide educational resources that sustain inclusive networks.


To highlight the valuable contributions by Crowley’s LGBTQ+ employees while promoting diversity and development through education, communication, and community outreach.


To integrate the experience, values, and knowledge of veterans and active service members.


To grow the leadership and development of women within the organization.

Join Us

If you want a career that is challenging, energizing, and rewarding, we hope you will consider joining our team as we continue to provide exemplary and innovative services worldwide.


Click below to download our 2021 sustainability report and ESG disclosures.