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Cadet Shipping

As a partner to maritime academies in the U.S., Crowley recognizes the importance of creating a work environment where everyone feels valued, supported and empowered to do their best. Hands-on experience aboard sea-going vessels ensures academy cadets are prepared for maritime careers post-graduation.

Carry The World. Forward. With Us.

While most academies have training ships, partnerships with industry partners such as Crowley allow for expanded onboard experiences to provide cadets with necessary seagoing opportunities that propel their careers in innovative ways with a people-first culture and amenities.

Stay Connected

High-speed Wi-Fi access to the world while at sea so you can stay connected to what matters to you.

Business Resource Groups

BRGs are key to our global inclusion strategy, focusing on supporting the mariner workforce.

Flexible Fleet

The Crowley maritime fleet offers an extensive array of ships and a diverse sailing schedule.

Engaging Culture

Our people-centric culture supports well-being, learning, development, and career advancement.

Application Process

Cadets must submit updated application documents during each new seasonal session (fall, winter, spring and summer) to their maritime academy representative during the open application period.

  1. Eligible – through your maritime academy.
  2. Available – to ship when needed.
  3. Interested – to advance your career.
  4. Culture Fit – aligned with our purpose and values.
  1. Complete Cadet Personal Information sheet
  2. Up-to-date resume
  3. Understanding Crowley’s Cadet Shipping Guidelines
  4. Top qualified cadets will be asked to interview with a talent acquisition advisor

Cadets accepting a billet with Crowley must attend an Every Mariner Builds A Respectful Culture (EMBARC) Preboarding Webinar focusing on introducing EMBARC’s purpose to help strengthen respect and support for all cadets.

All cadets reapplying to Crowley must submit a new application, including an updated and complete cadet personal information sheet and resume.

Start and Advance Your Career at Crowley

Crowley is the U.S. domestic industry’s largest private employer and cadet shipping partner. The company has worked with maritime academies to develop the most comprehensive cadet selection process focused on achievement, career goals, while embracing diversity and inclusion. Contact your career services center for more information about cadet shipping with Crowley.

Students who complete Crowley’s cadet shipping program are eligible for the Thomas B. Crowley Sr. Memorial Scholarship.

Below is a list of academies that we currently partner with: