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Maritime Jobs for Military Veterans

Crowley prides itself on offering vast and diverse jobs for military veterans because their skills often transfer well to working in seagoing or shoreside careers. If you talk to a veteran aboard one of Crowley’s ships, you will often hear how seamless the transition was from life in the military to life at sea.

Crowley is the employer of choice for veterans seeking a civilian career because we value not only the skill set that a veteran earned but we also appreciate the work ethic and leadership traits that come from serving the United States.

For many military veterans turned mariners, daily life at sea with Crowley reminds them of their days in military service.

“Life is almost identical from the military to Crowley – the ranks, occupational specialties and the day-to-day structure,” said Jon Eitz, a Marine Corps veteran. He is now a maintenance-able seaman and enjoys his daily life aboard the ship where he is responsible for assisting cargo operations and maintaining the vessel and its gear.

Crowley seeks out veterans through our union partners, on marine academy campuses and at career resource centers on bases and supports them through certified training programs.

Jeff Nicholson, a Navy veteran for seven years and now an engineer aboard a Crowley ship, said he became aware of the private maritime industry when his Navy ships were docked next to merchant ships. He thought it might be a good career to invest in as he transitioned to civilian life.

Nicholson and Eitz found jobs at Crowley through Crowley’s union partners. Each would visit union halls, bid on jobs and become increasingly familiar with maritime jobs offered at Crowley. Eitz said other military veterans also learn about maritime careers through their career resource office on base or by reviewing listings in military publications that feature jobs for military veterans.

Even if a veteran does not come from a sea-going service, the skills of engineering, equipment mobilization and many other types of jobs intersect very well with jobs aboard vessels and in Crowley’s overall workforce.

Both military veterans said being a part of a team is something they value most working at Crowley. To them, it correlates directly to military service.

“It’s different people from all walks of life working together to complete a task,” said Nicholson. For him, one difference between military life and life at sea is that he gets to work side-by-side with his supervisor. He found that was not always the case aboard a Navy ship. “Everyone is working together as a team to accomplish a mission,” he added.

At Crowley, the company appreciates that veterans have experience working in high-performing team environments where safety is of utmost importance. That experience is crucial when working aboard ships and tugs. It is also critical to maintaining the company’s values of integrity, drive and sustainability. Crowley’s high-quality ships with modern amenities make life at sea comfortable for crew members and veterans.

Military veterans said they appreciated the following qualities most as transitioning military members moving into civilian life and a career with Crowley:

  1. The freedom to go on vacations when they are not at sea is important to many Crowley mariners and was a top highlight for the veterans we spoke with. With 4-6 months off a year, they have time to seek other adventures or interests.
  2. The flexible hours and not having to report to an office. “It’s no 9-5 job,” said Eitz appreciatively.
  3. Traveling the world while supporting your family is another experience appreciated about life at sea. Eitz shared that he had seen so much more of the world sailing on ships during his civilian career.
  4. “The pay is great,” said Nicholson, who noted there are also excellent benefit options.
  5. Mariners are living on the ship for weeks or months at a time, and the quality food, access to Internet and having a full gym on board Crowley ships make everyday life more comfortable.
  6. On a military ship, 10-20 people could share quarters, so there is little opportunity for quiet time to yourself. On most Crowley vessels, all crew members have a chance to have their own room.
  7. Job satisfaction ranks as a key motivator to keep going and to support fellow crew members on board. “You see the immediate fruits of your labor,” said Eitz.

Crowley is a military- and veteran-friendly employer. We fully support active-duty, reserve and veteran military members and family members joining and advancing in the workforce.

We have many opportunities available where your skills, knowledge, and experience in the military can contribute to innovation and providing superior services.